Types of Waterproof TVs and How They Work

Different Types of Waterproof TVs and How They Work

Are you looking to watch TV from any area of your home without having to worry about sound quality or damaging your TV? Welcome to the world of waterproof television. These televisions are created to withstand humidity, steam and wetness without interfering with their working setup. Their remote controls are also waterproof so as to make your TV experience worry-free.

The cost of getting an outdoor TV is higher compared to the regular ones, but nothing compared to the range of places it makes watching TV a reality. Get one today and entertain yourself in the bathroom, on your boat or even at the pool side.

Types of waterproof tvs

Outdoor TVs come in various model designs and sizes geared to satisfy different customers’ needs. The different models offer distinct benefits that are factors determining their pricing. Here is a simple way of categorizing waterproof TVs:

1. According to the brightness of the LED panel

TVs whose LED panels are brighter are more suited to outdoors that receive more hours of sunshine while less brighter LED panels are ideal for spaces that experience not so strong sunlight. There are also ultra-bright models that can be kept in those extremely sunny environments.

1. On the basis of their resolution

This categorizes the water proof tvs on clarity basis; some are designed with a higher resolution that gives more clarity as compared to those with less resolution.

1. On the basis of colors

Outdoor TVs come in various colors, such as white, silver and gray that give different impact to the outdoor spaces where you place them.

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Outdoor TVs are built such that they can endure harsh weather conditions. Here are some of the unique features that they have that are absent in indoor TVs.

Their cords are watertight and tough enough to withstand scratches and insect burrowing as well. This makes their operation safe outside without presenting any electrical hazard.

Their heaters are fitted with automatic thermostats that protect the waterproof TV from overheating and at the same time putting control on condensation and humidity.

They have brighter settings that give you quality outdoor picture clarity without any incident of colors washing out.

Their screens are scratch resistant and will not show if something brushes over them accidentally.

Waterproof TVs have enclosures that protect dust and other debris from finding their way into them. These enclosures also protect your outdoor TV from theft since they are purposed to be outdoors day and night.

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